Marry Me MF

(or this is going to hurt me more than it will hurt you)

About on year ago I started having a recurring dream during which my parents would appear at random events. They would tell me that they just came by to say hello, and then they would present me with a gargantuan (as big as my hand) diamond ring. They just wanted me to have it because they loved me. During my dreams I accumulated more of these parent-rings than I had fingers, and often would lose the ring, or during a talk with a suitor the enormous diamond would slip out of the setting and disappear into thin air.

So this lead me to think about hand adornments, jewelry, and the ranges within this category. It was interesting to consider just the size of the adornment. Bigger diamonds are normally thought better. Rich people have expensive, large rocks. They want people to know the size of their high society love. And conversely there are the stylish and personalized brass knuckles that are purportedly worn as a kind of weapon and function as an urban status symbol. Since I had neither rock nor knuckle, I decided to create this series of sculptural forms that symbolically relieved my unexpected spinster neurosis. Some of the knuckles look like delicious miniature cakes with delicate handwriting carrying messages like “fuck off” and could be used to smash someone in the head if someone were to ask my age and my marital status one more time. Others are maybe a touch sarcastic, like “true love always knuckle”. That one could do some serious damage.

This work was made during a three-week residency at the Kohler Company pottery, as a part of their ARTS/Industry program.


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